Haley PlasmanHaley Plasman is a senior biology major from Comstock Park, MI. Advised by Dr. Dean McCurdy, she is working alongside Andrew Franklin and Anna Ward on a project entitled “Using Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators of Water Quality in Rice Creek, MI”. Field work for the project includes collecting benthic inverts from the creek, and analyzing that data to assess the overall health of the creek. Read Haley’s posts >

Phillip CarlislePhillip Carlisle grew up on the south-side of Indianapolis (IN), and is working toward a double major in English and Music. He plans to graduate from Albion in the spring of 2015. Phillip’s FURSCA project, “The Life, Death, and Legacy of Oscar Wilde: The Queensbury Trials and their effect on the public’s perception of homosexual men,” is centered on the idea that femininity wasn’t associated with homosexuality until the very end of the nineteenth century. Specifically, he’s delving into the idea that Wilde himself was the catalyst for the shift in what the general public perceived as gay. Through an in-depth analysis of the writings of Oscar Wilde–as well as his contemporaries and the authors that followed them–Phillip hopes to discover a solid connection between Wilde’s infamous courtroom conviction and what it means to seem gay in the twenty-first century. Read Phillip’s posts >

Dannie FountainDannie Fountain is a junior mass media marketing management major from Avoca, Michigan. Her FURSCA project derives from her deeply rooted passion for politics and a good debate. Specifically, she is studying “The Correlation between Voting and Protesting and the SocioEconomic Factors that Influence Each”. By digging into the voting statistics for Lansing, Michigan, as well as the Occupy Lansing movement, she plans to determine exactly what factors encourage a person to vote or protest. The results of this research could be used to better targed underrepresented portions of the population when registering voters. Read Dannie’s posts >

Shonte DanielsShonte Daniels is Junior English Major with Creative Writing emphasis. Born and raised in New Brunswick. New Jersey, Shonte has been writing since childhood and now, thanks for FURSCA, has the opportunity to research and explore her love for the English language. Her FURSCA project, “Creating New Forms of Poetry” (which will probably be changed to something that sounds a little more exciting), looks at the history of poetry and the use of forms back then to see how poetry has evolved, and plans on creating 15 of her own new forms. Read Shonte’s posts >

Soe Yu NweSoe Yu Nwe (also go by Joy) is a Senior Art Major and international studies minor. Born on the borderline of Thailand and Union of Myanmar to ethnic Chinese parents, Soe Yu Nwe grew up hearing and speaking different languages in addition to the English language she learned at school. In her previous FURSCA project last summer, “The Ceramic Process and Symbology”, she reflected on her childhood experiences of living in different cultures and produced ceramic work inspired by memories and experience of the past. Her ceramic work from a previous FURSCA project, “House” and “Viscera” had been submitted to MCAA Michigan Mud 2011 and the 2012 Annual Michigan Small Colleges Student Art Exhibition and her entry “House” won the Runyon Award at the MCAA Juried Student Show and the Honorable mention from Small Colleges Student Art Exhibition. Her current FURSCA project, “The Ceramic Process and Artistic Inquiry”, is a continuation of the previous project and she will be making a body of sculptural work that will make up the bulk of portfolio for applying graduate schools in ceramics. Read Joy’s posts >

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