Creating Video Games

Game concept created by students

Two classes have been offered at Albion College, one on designing video games and a second on developing video games. Students create the games and work as a team to design and develop a functioning instantiation of a game. Creating video games is multidisciplinary — involving design, visual arts, music, narrative development, and digital technologies — and integrates well into the liberal arts curriculum. Continue reading

Albion Augmented Reality Art Walk

Albion AR Art Walk

In April 2012 Albion College and the city of Albion hosted the first Albion Augmented Reality Art Walk, the “Albion AR Art Walk.” It included 11 works of art placed along a one-mile loop that started at the College Quad and looped through Victory and Rieger Parks. The 11 artists were chosen from The Virtual Art Project’s open call for submissions and the works ranged from Will Pappenheimer’s “Skywrite” that created sky written messages in virtual airplane trails to Nathen Schafer’s “Leg Godt Inuksuk #5” that was created in collaboration with Anchorage School District students. Continue reading