Albion College Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Albion College Geographical Information Systems (GIS) minor is strongly related to digital technologies and is selected by students across several disciplines and provides a rich foundation for undergraduate research. Geological Science department ( offers GIS. The minor is focused on meeting the needs of students who wish to acquire grounding in geographical representation and analysis techniques; and prepare students for positions in industry and government where the application of these techniques combined with knowledge of their own major field is required. It will develop professional competence for positions where competence in GIS, mapping or remote sensing techniques is required. Areas of study include cartography, remote sensing, and geographical information systems. So far some of the projects have included: Continue reading

Creating Video Games

Game concept created by students

Two classes have been offered at Albion College, one on designing video games and a second on developing video games. Students create the games and work as a team to design and develop a functioning instantiation of a game. Creating video games is multidisciplinary — involving design, visual arts, music, narrative development, and digital technologies — and integrates well into the liberal arts curriculum. Continue reading