Creating Video Games

Game concept created by students

Two classes have been offered at Albion College, one on designing video games and a second on developing video games. Students create the games and work as a team to design and develop a functioning instantiation of a game. Creating video games is multidisciplinary — involving design, visual arts, music, narrative development, and digital technologies — and integrates well into the liberal arts curriculum. Continue reading

Video Games, Learning, and Literacy

The concept of multiple literacies is now well accepted and used in many fields and disciplines. Among the different kinds of literacy discussed are, in addition to print literacy, graphical literacy. mathematical literacy, artistic literacy, digital literacy, etc. As part of a course on literacy, learning, and teaching we “played” our way through James Paul Gee’s book “What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy.”

Can learn problem solving and teamwork playing this game

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