• September 8, 2016 / 

    Last semester the Geology Club contributed over 60 hours of volunteer work at the Albion Recycling Center. We would like to beat that this year and hopefully get the rest of the college in on it too.

    What do you have to do at the recycling center?

    • Show up to the recycling center and they’ll give you a quick lesson on how to sort recyclables and what you can and can’t recycle.
    • You’ll be sorting various materials (different plastics, papers, glass) into their designated bins.

    How do I get involved?

    • Print off the volunteer packet and fill out the second and third pages. (http://www.cityofalbionmi.gov/Volunteer_Packet___Recycling_Center.pdf)
      • Volunteer type is Group
      • Volunteer opportunities is Recurring
    • They are open Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and are always in need of volunteers
    • There is a schedule that you can sign up on – to be added to that schedule please email jen13@albion.edu or ead12@albion.edu, and then you can sign up for any days/hours you can fit into your schedule.