Big Assignments:

Disaster Reporter Assignment (75 pts)

Historical Disaster Book Review Assignment (150 pts)

RimSim Disaster Simulation (50 pts.) .  During 4 class periods, we will play a disaster simulation game.  In this exercise, each member of the class will play the role of a stakeholder or facilitator to determine how and where to distribute relief efforts after a hypothetical disaster.  Grades will be based on participation and reflective writing assignments.  Because this exercise requires all stakeholders to be present, attendance is mandatory for the RimSim exercises.  This exercise is worth 50 points.

List of In-class and Homework Assignments

  • Comparative Analysis of Natural Disaster
  • Plate tectonics activity
  • The Day the Earth Shook (NOVA)
  • Earthquake lesssons – case studies
  • Virtual Earthquake
  • Volcanoes on the web
  • Mapping volcanic hazards
  • In the Path of a Killer Volcano (NOVA)
  • Dante’s Peak
  • Landslides on the web
  • Interpreting weather maps
  • Visualizing atmospheric circulation
  • Tornado Youtube homework
  • Hurricane tracking exercise
  • CO2 and Temperature records
  • Flood frequency exercise
  • USGS hydrograph interpretation

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