Koa’e Fault Zone

The Koa’e Fault zone intersects at the east rift zone by Hi’iaki and Pauahi craters.  This is where the fault changes direction from the southeast to the east-northeast. The Kao’e fault scarp (the farthest northern fault in the picture) is part of the fault zone that extends from 12 km from the east rift zone to the southwest rift zone.  It is a 2 km wide fault system that has many amazing normal faults and thousands of cracks.  The fault blocks that had dropped from the north could have been active for tens of thousands of years.  The last time this fault was very active was Christmas of 1965.  In one location on Hilina Pali Road, this fault off-set the road 8.25 feet.

Picture provided by www.usgs.gov

Overhead view of the Kao’e Fault Zone

Photo by Tim Lincoln

Photo by Tim Lincoln

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