Past Regional Field Trips

The Albion College Geology Department has been our running regional field trip course every spring semester for the past several decades.   See links at right.  The 0.5 unit course culminates in a field trip to the geological region of interest, as listed below:

2011    Pacific Northwest
2010    Central Appalachians
2009    Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula
2008     Eastern Sierra Nevada / Death Valley
2007    Mississippi River- New Orleans
2006    British Isles
2005    Central Appalachians
2004     Ontario
2003    Hawaii
2002    Maine
2001    British Isles
2000    Northern Arizona and New Mexico
1999    Missouri
1998    Alaska
1997    Central Appalachians
1996     Missouri
1995    British Isles- Scotland, Wales
1994    Ontario
1993    Central Appalachians
1992    Iceland
1991    Missouri- St. Francis Mtns.
1990    Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula
1989    New England
1987    Hawaii
1988    Ontario
1986    Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula
1985    Smoky Mountains
1984    Big Bend, TX
1983    New England

Catalog description of Geo 210.  A field study of the structure and stratigraphy of selected geologic provinces. During the second half of the spring semester the class will meet once a week to discuss readings related to the geology of the field study. The field study itself will last for eight to ten days typically beginning the day after commencement in May.   Pre-Requisites: Either Geology 101 or 103, or permission of the instructor. (0.5 units)

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