Spring 2011 Pacific Northwest Regional Class

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Research Presentation and Handout Topic List (Geo 210 student research topics) for 4/26.  All handouts are due by the beginning of the 4/26 class.   All students will give mini-presentations on their handouts in class.

Assignments for 4/12- Finish reading the Bretz book and complete the following tasks.

  1. List and describe the lines of evidence that Bretz and others have put forward to develop the ice age flood hypothesis.   In your description, refer to specific locations where the evidence was found and why the evidence is relevant.
  2. Write a short essay (1 page in length) in which you address the questions: Why do you think that the flood hypothesis took so long to be accepted?   And what were the key turning points in the acceptance of the hypothesis?

4/5 Class-  Mt. St. Helens and Intro to Bretz

Follow-up assignment on MSH    Re-read the Mt. St. Helens (MSH) summary paper and properly and more thoroughly answer the questions on this attachment.  Compared with the reading quiz, I included one additional question that asks you to describe characteristics of different kinds of volcaniclastic deposits.    I have attached the new assignment (MSH word document for 4/5 class).  Please type your answers into the word document and return it to me before next Tuesday’s class.

Please read Part I of the Bretz book, titled First Steps.  These chapters describe Bretz’ formative years and life and include stories about Albion.   Some of the stories are pretty crazy.   I would like you to retell, in your own words, three stories or three features of Bretz’ life/character that you found most interesting.    I expect about a ~0.5 page paragraph on each of the stories/features.   Please submit these to me via email.

3/29 Class-  Mount St. Helens

  • Read part two articles on Mount St. Helens (on Class Resources site)
  • Mount St. Helens movie
  • Make Sketches of each of the four slides in attached powerpoint (Sketch Photos for regional 3_29) . You may want to make a distant and close-up sketch.  We would like you to spend 5-10 minutes on each (Max!).  The goal is to make quick sketches.   Annotate each of your sketches with notes.   Do two sketches per page (which will be similar to your field notebook).  Use the graph paper to make your sketch ( Graph Paper).  I am putting many copies of it outside of my office if you don’t want to print it yourself.
  • Handout from class-   Volcanic Rock Descriptive Names_McPhee

3/22   Class:  Overview of Tectonic and Magmatic History of Pacific Northwest

1/25 Class materials

1/18 Class Material