What to bring

In May 2011, we will be travelling by train and by van.   You are allowed one duffle to check and a field pack, which you will keep with you in the van. We will do laundry at least once, possibly more depending on weather.   Temperatures on the trip could range from <30 to >80 degrees, precipitation is expected in some areas.

Field Equipment

  • Day pack
  • Field notebook (bookstore, or see links below)
  • Folder/binder for class notes
  • Hand lens on lanyard or string (Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplets are recommended, 10x is the basic standard size)
  • Rock hammer  (Estwings are reliable-you can either chisel or pointed tip; make sure they are at least 16 oz. bigger hammers  break bigger rocks; for geochemistry sampling sledge hammers and chisels are often used, see links below)
  • Pocket knife (optional)
  • Well-broken-in hiking boots
  • Sturdy belt
  • At least 2 water bottles (each quart size)
  • Field hat, sunglasses, sunblock
  • Small personal first aid kit, including Band-Aids, antiseptic cream, antacids, and over the counter pain medication (to keep in your day packs
  • Mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens, sharpie marker
  • Sample bags (or masking tape) for samples that you collect
  • 6″ plastic ruler in metric with built-in protractor (our bookstore has or can order)
  • Other recommended or often desired but not required:  notebook pouch, field vest, hammer holster to attach to belt, hand-held GPS, brunton compass (we will supply both GPS and bruntons)

Personal Gear

  • Sturdy field clothes
  • Bathing suit (optional)
  • Long pants will be required in several field areas.
  • Running shoes or other comfortable field walking shoes
  • Warm jacket, gloves, hat, and the best rain suit you can afford (see note below).
  • Eating utensils: fork, spoon, knife, mug, bowl (we will supply plates)
  • Watch
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Towel, soap, etc.
  • Small headlamp or flashlight
  • If you own one: Sturdy, waterproof tent (the department has several)
  • Money for meals on train travel days, and for any personal items you wish to buy (snacks and souvenirs)

Here are some links to vendors for geology field gear (if you need more specific advice talk to a professor)

  • ASC Scientific (hand lenses, notebooks, pouches, bruntons, hammers and more)
  • Kooter’s Field Geology Supplies (hand lenses, field notebook pouches)
  • Forestry Suppliers (hand lenses, variety of field notebooks, hammers, rulers etc.)
  • Geology.com store  (hand lenses, variety of field notebooks, hammers, rulers etc.)
  • Plateau Design (very popular and sturdy field pouch)
  • REI.com (good quality, reasonably priced camping, hiking, outdoor gear and clothing)
  • Cabelas (good quality, reasonably priced camping, hiking, outdoor gear and clothing)