Volcanology (Geol 212) is taught by Dr. Thom Wilch.   The course is scheduled next in spring 2013.   The materials on this web-site are from a past offering.   This lecture/lab course has only introductory geology as a pre-requisite, although mineralogy/petrology are recommended.  The labs include big picture examinations of volcano landforms, tectonics, and geochemistry; viscosity and volatile exsolution experiements and demonstrations (Click to see Liquid Nitrogen Volcano Video) ; detailed hand sample and thin section examination and interpretation of volcanic rock (especially volcaniclastic rock) textures in geologic contexts,  grain size analysis of tephra deposits and reconstruction of eruption dynamics, and exercises on volcanic hazards mapping.    This course does not include field trips to volcanoes although our annual Regional Field Geology (Geol 210) and biennial Summer Field Course (Geol 314) typically have strong volcanoes components.   The course takes advantage of extensive rock collections from volcanic centers around the world.

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