Course Offerings in LA101 and Honors

Faculty in the Department of Geology have offered numerous interdisciplinary Honor’s and First-year seminar (LA 101) courses.   Some recent offerings are listed below:

Honor’s courses are discussion-based seminars that are part of the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program.

  • Great Issues in Science: Extinctions (Dr. W. Bartels)
  • Great Issues in Science: Geology,  Environment, and Society (Dr. B. Lincoln)
  • Great Issues in Science: Global Climate Change (Dr. Wilch)

Liberal Arts (LA) 101 courses are part of the first-year experience and are taught in fall semesters to all first-year and most transfer students.

  • LA101: Dinosaurs  (Dr. Bartels)
  • LA101: Mountains (Drs. Menold and McRivette)
  • LA101: Volcanoes and Society (Dr. Wilch)
  • LA 101: Sustainable Living (Dr. T. Lincoln)
  • LA101: Water (Dr. Wilch)

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