GIS & Remote Sensing

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Kyle Kubitz

Profile:  Kyle Kubitz ’10, was a double major in Geology and Anthropology with a minor in GIS.  Kyle used GIS to investigate trade and settlement networks of the Indus Civilization in order to identify new areas of archaeological interest in Gujarat, India.   Kyle is now a GIS specialist for Valassis, a media and marketing firm in Livonia, MI.



Allison Robinson ’10 completed a senior thesis at Albion “Riparian Change in an Expanding Urban Environment: A Study of Historic Habitat Change along the Truckee River.”  Allison was a biology major and a GIS minor.

Christina Andries ’08 presented her independent research at Albion’s Elkin Isaac Student Research Symposium.   Christina combined GIS and paleontology in her study,  “A New Approach to Dinosaur Ichnology Studies: Using GIS for the Analysis and Interpretation of Theropod Dinosaur Trackways.”   Christina is studying GIS in graduate school at George Mason University.

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