Environmental- rivers & groundwater

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Abigail Williams ’12 and Zane Havens ’12 collaborated in summer 2010 to study patterns of groundwater base flow into the Kalamazoo River and turbidity cycles in the river.  They built seepage meters, instrument housings, and groundwater wells and used data logging instruments to monitor several water quality parameters.  They are co-presenting a poster “Diel turbidity cycles in the Kalamazoo River, south central Michigan” at the Geological Society of America meeting in March 2011.

Paul with datalogger at Rice Creek

Profile: Paul Roberts ’07 conducted award-winning research on stream hydrology while a student at Albion.   He completed a senior honor’s thesis “Diel cycles in stream turbidity in the South Branch of Rice Creek.”   Paul also conducted research on volcanic and glacial sequences in Antarctica.  Paul is now working for Soil Materials Engineers, Inc. in Novi, Michigan.


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