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Meagan in Antarctica

Profile:  Meagan Bosket ’09 completed a senior thesis on an Antarctic tuff cone volcano at Minna Bluff, Antarctica.   Meagan was able to work in Antarctica and in labs in New Mexico and Albion for her senior honors thesis.    Meagan is now in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin; she is conducting research on igneous geochemistry research of the Crater Lake Volcano, Oregon.



Carolyn Rath ’09 conducted and presented independent research on “Lithofacies Analysis of Volcaniclastic Samples from the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program (ANDRILL) McMurdo Ice Shelf (AND-B1) Core” in collaboration with Dr. Thom Wilch.  Carolyn is in graduate school in geology at University of California, Fullerton.
Laura Painter ’09 conducted and presented independent research on “Interpretations of Eruptive and Depositional Environments of the Minna Bluff Volcanic Complex, Antarctica” in collaboration with Dr. Thom Wilch.
Lisa Colville ’07 onducted and presented independent research on “A Petrographic Analysis of Adare Basin Seamounts in Western Ross Sea, Northern Victoria Land.”  Lisa’s research was done in collaboration with Dr. Kurt Panter from Bowling Green University and Dr. Thom Wilch at Albion.     Lisa completed an M.S. in geology at the University of Wisconsin.

Paul Roberts ’07:  Paul conducted research in Antarctica in December-January 2006-7.   He presented his work at the spring Elkin Isaac Research symposium in  talk titled “Field Analysis of Volcanism and Glaciation at Minna Bluff, Antarctica. ”   Paul Roberts works for Soil Materials Engineers, Inc. in Novi, MI.