Do you want to be a lab TA or departmental tutor?

Geology 101 and 103 each utilize paid teaching assistants to assist faculty members in teaching the labs.   TAs are typically junior or senior geology majors.  The TAs for spring 2011, include:

  • 103 Tuesday 1-3 pm: Denise Ashley and Matt Mahony
  • 103 Tuesday 3-5 pm:  Tom Fontana and Aaron Hiday
  • 103 Tuesday 6-8 pm;  Catie Castelli, Tom Fontana and Alyssa Olson
  • 101 Tuesday:  Lexy Sarnowsky and Helen Habicht
  • 101 Wednesday:  Nicki Rockentine and Helen Habicht

Do you want to be a tutor?   Each semester we have two tutors who are available to help students who need to make up labs or need help with lecture material.    The spring 2011 tutors are

Sunday and Thursday 7-9 pm :  Nicki Rockentine and Matt Mahony

Decisions about lab TAs and tutors are made after the first colloquium meeting of each semester.

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