Preparing for Colloquium- step 1 choosing the topic

Choosing a Talk Topic

Presentations can be based on 1) independent faculty-mentored research; 2)  off-campus geology experience; or 3) a peer-reviewed journal article.  Presentation topic must approved by a faculty member.   It is mandatory that students consult with faculty members in preparing presentation.

Choosing a peer-reviewed article:   Our library subscribes to many hard copies of geology journals and many more online journals.   Two useful search engines are Web of Science and GeoRef.  Key journals include Geology, GSA Bulletin, Science and Nature.   Important collections of journals are associated with ScienceDirect (more than 350 different geoscience journals) Bioone (many paleonotology journal), JSTOR (22 geoscience/geography journals).   The library liaison for the Geology Department is Mike VanHouten ( (ext.0293)).  The library’s Geology Research Guide web-page has much more information on it.   Choose an article that you can handle and remember that short ≠ easy.

How to Read a Scientific Paper

The Geology Department has put together a guide on how to read an article.   This guide is based on a blending of two online articles about the subject and tailored to our students.  You can access this guide here: How to Read a Scientific Paper.

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