Here are some organizations that faculty recommend….

There are several professional organizations that we suggest you consider joining.  If you want to see examples of the publications available, go to the Geology Conference Room or ask a faculty member.   At least one faculty member is a member of these organizations.

Geological Society of America (GSA)  –  Almost every professional geologist in the US belongs to GSA.   When our students present at national meetings, it is typically at a GSA meeting.   The membership cost is $30/year.   Benefits include GSA Today, a monthly publication with articles, job ads, student opportunities etc., and free online subscriptions to all GSA journals.

American Geophysical Union (AGU)- The American Geophysical Union is the other large national professional society of geologists in the US.  It has a slightly different focus than GSA.  Students interested in hydrology, geochemistry, volcanology, geophysics, climate change, and meteorology should consider joining this organization.  The annual membership fee for students is $7 (a bargain) and a benefit includes a weekly publication, EOS, which has a news and science articles and lots of ads for student opportunities (summer, grad school etc.).

National Earth Science Teacher’s Association  NESTA – Especially for K-12 teachers.  Membership is $35 and includes printed and online versions of The Earth Scientist, E-News, special e-mailings, access to member-only sections of the website, and full voting privileges.

National Association of Geoscience Teachers -NAGT –   Especially for grades 9-16 teachers.  Membership for students is $20/year and includes on-line access to four issues per year of the Journal of Geoscience Education with articles on curriculum and instruction, educational research, and commentary.

Association of American Geographers(AAG)-  national organization for geographers; appropriate to join if you are planning a career in GIS.   Membership cost is $38/year for initial first year.   AAG membership benefits include:   two quarterly journals, The Annals of the Association of American Geographers, and The Professional Geographer, the monthly AAG Newsletter

, and free subscription to Geo Spatial Solutions 

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