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Welcome to the Nwagni Project’s weblog! Thank you for stopping by — feel free to take a look around, and keep checking back to find out what we’re up to. Here is some brief information about the Project:

The Nwagni Project is a student run, student initiated organization on Albion College’s campus. It is funded by fundraisers and donations given by those people that feel compelled to support our cause. The members and volunteers of The Nwagni Project do not receive any profit, payment, or compensation for their work. Without them and our donors, our vision would not be a reality today, so, first, we must say Thank You.

Our Mission: The Nwagni Project will establish a lasting relationship between Albion College and Batchingou, Cameroon through events that promote awareness, and education. Furthermore, we will raise funds for the sustainable development of the Batchingou community per their request.