Odds and Ends

Last week during class we watched the really excellent videos made by the current Phys 105 students, non-science majors who are taking Astronomy.  As usual, I was impressed by their creativity and attention to details in the script.  Mostly I was impressed by how well they took technology and manipulated it to their advantage – including music, titles, captions, and still images with the video.  Topics ranged from astronomy spoofs of popular TV shows to documentary-style presentations.  Nice job, everyone!  I’ll post the link to the “People’s Choice Award” soon!

In other news, Vanessa McCaffrey (Chemistry) and I just submitted a proposal to the NASA Exobiology program, in the amount of over $484,000!  That’s the biggest pot of money I’ve ever applied for.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, I really must post the picture of Holly and Culver spray painting The Rock on September 17, in honor of International Observe the Moon Night.  Of course, we painted The Rock to look like the Moon – layers of paint were chipped away to look like craters, which were painted in shades of gray.  The public observing event that night brought over 65 people to the Palenske telescopes.  It was a lot of fun!

Holly ('12) and Culver ('11) paint The Rock