Is it November already?

As promised, here is the Phys 105 video that won the “People’s Choice Award” this semester. It spoofs Seinfeld and describes the Copernican Revolution, in which Copernicus showed that the planets must orbit around the Sun (and not around the Earth). YouTube Preview Image Congratulations to Connor Sweeney and Emma Adams!

In other news, the Sun is getting more active! We saw several sunspots at the solar observing event on Briton Spirit Day (October 30) and more are visible now. Just remember to never look at the Sun directly; always use appropropriate filters or just check out for daily images of the Sun. Click here for today’s image.

Finally, my sister and I have already bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to Michael Jackson! The World Tour (which means Canada and the US) starts in October 2011 and we’re meeting up in Denver in 2012. It should be “Thrill”-ing!