Spring Awakening?

It seems, after many days of <20-degree nights and ~30-degree days that Spring is desparately trying to arrive in Michigan. The temperatures are slightly higher, and thunderstorms, rather than snow showers, are forecasted.  I saw a few robins this morning, a pair of ducks, and green tulip and daffodil shoots poking out of the ground.  As if on cue, the Sun is getting active .

Students are also awakening, realizing there are just a few weeks left in the semester and now it’s time to kick the studying into high gear. I hope they can do it.  There’s a big difference between pass/fail (1.0/0.0) and credit/no credit (2.0/0.0), and some students don’t make the distinction.  Perhaps we should get rid of one of the options. Thoughts on this?

The Phys 105 students have been especially creative with their Astronomy videos this year. All of the videos were high quality and all of them got most of the science right this semester! The People’s Choice Award this year goes to Nate Messarang and Garrett Lefkowitz, Coperinican cops who are tasked with solving the murder of the geocentric model. It was quite clever. You can see it here.