Out and About: Floriade 2011


This is Floriade!

Like a county fair but without the elephant ears and pig races…

September 17: I had a lovely afternoon with Meredith at Floriade 2011, Australia’s celebration of Spring.  Started in 1988 to honor Australia’s Bicentenary and Canberra’s 75th birthday, it seems to be based, at some level, on the Floriade that is held every 10 years in The Netherlands – certainly the fields of tulips in Canberra link to the tulips of Holland. I can’t possibly describe to you how wonderful it was to walk among the different displays and breathe in the rich scents of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils, so I will post some pictures instead.  Believe me, choosing which of the 250+ photos to post here was not an easy task!


A feast for the senses.


Tulips, tulips, and more tulips.


L to R, top to bottom: Gnome Knoll, freaky orange thing and me, Meredith and me, black swans and daffodils.


See more of my photos here and also take a look at Meredith’s photos.  You can see a video I made here.

Saturday night, I attended the Canberra Short-Film Festival. I watched eight short films in the “Emerging Competition”, some of which were good and some of which were just weird. I especially liked “The Telegram Man” about a day in the life of an Australian bike messenger who had to deliver news to families during World War II, “The Bee Sting”, about a boy in love with his teacher who was  in love with the boy’s father, and “Something Fishy”, about two teenage boys from different cultural backgrounds and how that gets them into trouble.  While not officially affiliated with Floriade 2011, the mascot of the film festival is the gnome.  I feel like I need to have one now.

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