Where’s Bucky?

December 16: Many years ago, the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) sent out Flat Buckys and challenged its member to see where Bucky has been. In the spirit of RED (and at the request of Bruce of the Motor City Badgers), I took Bucky to Australia and found him in the nicest places! My only concern is that he’s in his underwear… he must’ve forgotten to pack the appropriate clothes!

Bucky tip toes through the RED and WHITE tulips at Floriade in Canberra (September).


Not dressed to impress, Bucky can't see a performance at the Sydney Opera House in October. Maybe next time...


Bucky sneaks up on some sleeping koalas at the Koala Park Sanctuary in Pennant Hills (October).


Bucky arrives at Port Arthur (Tasmania) in October, after repeat offenses: losing to Michigan State in East Lansing in three consecutive meetings.


Released on good behaviour, Bucky opens a store in Hobart (Tasmania) that specializes in what he knows best: RED Badgers!


During a trip to Australia's Red Centre in November, Bucky cools off at the original Alice Spring waterhole.


Bucky also visited Uluru - no sunset but the wine and nibbles were good!


Bucky visits the telescopes on Mt. Stromlo in late November. It's daylight (and too foggy!) but he has a good time anyway!


Bucky poses in front of the 70-m radio dish that tracks deep-space spacecraft, such as Cassini (in orbit around Saturn) or Mars Science Lab (on its way to Mars).


Bucky visited Bondi Beach (Sydney) in October and December. Both times, it was too cold to swim. Besides, he was wary of the "Dangerous Currents", of which the lifeguards kept reminding the tourists, as they drove back and forth along the beach.


Bucky visited the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns in December. He finally had an excuse to not wear any clothes - it was hot hot hot and humid up there!


View of Canberra's Anzac Parade and Parliament House from Mt. Ainslie... until next time, ANU!

On Wisconsin!  Here are some other pictures of me (and others) in Wisconsin gear.

At Imalung Lookout, with Uluru in the background (November 2011)


Seen on a tourist at Kata Tjuta...How many things are wrong with this shirt?!


In the Rose Garden at the Old Parliament House in Canberra. It was a rainy day but the ROSES were lovely. Here's hoping for a victory in January!


On Wasp Head, on the coast of New South Wales (November)


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4 thoughts on “Where’s Bucky?

  1. Nice work Nicolle! Good to see you’re well, and in good company.

    Pam and I went to Maui early November, watched sunrise from Mount Haleakala. Pretty amazing observatory up there! Thought of you in Australia.

    Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    Bruce and fam

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