Student Success Stories

November 17, 2013:  I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but that’s what happens when the school year starts up and those academic distractions happen. However, a few of my students have done some pretty cool things, so I absolutely have to give props to them.

First of all, congratulations to Paul Lewis (X14), a physics major, who has qualified for the NCAA DIII Cross Country Championship. This is not his first time either. Run like the wind, Paul, run like the wind!

And congratulations also to Mitch Hehl (X16), a pre-engineer and member of the MIAA Champion Football Team.  This guy is going to solve our nuclear energy issues one day, I just know it.  But first, he has to play some NCAA football.

Erica Earl (X14) impressed at the recent Michigan Space Grant Consortium conference. She gave a talk about our shock chemistry project. A conference talk! As an undergrad!  She wasn’t the only nervous one, believe me.  She got a lot of good questions, too, and answered them like  a grad student. 🙂 She plans to study chemical engineering to make the world a better place.  Nice job, Erica.

As the advisor, I’m pleased to say that the Albion College Dance Team is very strong this year. Eleven dancers are finishing up their dance routines, polishing them to perfection, and preparing to show them at half-time during the men’s and women’s basketball games.  “Like” them on Facebook and watch them at the games.

I love my job and outstanding students help remind me why I chose to teach in the first place.