You have reached a page that is no longer supported. The Society’s web site is now wholly contained at www.pavlovian.org. If you were directed to this page from that site it was an error, and will likely be addressed soon. For further information, please contact the Society’s new Secretary/Treasurer, Jennifer Perusini at jennifer.perusini@gmail.com.

Response to Violence Against Black Americans

Important Announcements:

  • The Society’s web page is moving. The address Pavlovian.org will still get you there. The new and improved web page is being managed by Sydney Trask.
  • Jennifer Perusini was elected by the Executive Committee to be the next Secretary Treasurer, to assume the duties following next year’s meeting in Milwaukee. Welcome, Jenn!

The Pavlovian Society is dedicated to the scientific study of behavior and promotion of interdisciplinary scientific communication. It recognizes the value of research at the molecular level but encourages members to stress the significance of their scientific observations to the whole functioning organism.

Thus, the Society fosters an integrative scientific approach and encourages scientists to adopt it in publications and in presentations. The Society’s interest range from basic to clinical science activities. Its annual scientific meeting allows open and sometimes heated discussion of current issues in behavioral neuroscience and learning, at both basic and applied levels.

The Society also operates within a confederation of similar organizations, with a Pavlovian tradition, in Europe and the Orient

The image in the header is Pavlov playing at gorodki, a game he apparently enjoyed quite a bit. Try your hand at the game with an online version here.