Pay Dues ~ 2020

Dues Payments – Pay your 2020 dues to ensure that you are included in the online meeting.

  • Full or Post-Doc: $30
  • Student: $20


The in-person meeting for 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We will gladly accept a payment of the meeting Registration Fee, which includes dues, if you are feeling generous. Registration Fees include dues.

  • Optional Fees: 
    • Full: $300
    • Post-Doc: $210
    • Student: $150

Unlike most years, there is only one optional Fee in place for the 2020 meeting, regardless of when you pay it. Again, this is OPTIONAL – pay if you have the money and feel generous. The Dues payment (above) will cover your inclusion in the online meeting. If you pay this optional Registration Fee, do NOT also pay Dues.

IMPORTANT: If you are paying for someone other than yourself please indicate the name and email of the Registrant in a note to the seller if that option appears. Thank you!


Thank you!



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