Pavlovian Society Response to Violence Against Black Americans


                                                                                                                                   2nd June, 2020
Dear Pavlovian community,

We are deeply disturbed, saddened, and angered by events and violence targeting Black
Americans. The Pavlovian Society strives to promote inclusion and equity within our community, and the repeated and persistent injustices against people of color are against our values.

We want to reach out to provide support to our community. The reality is that the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, have compounded what is already a difficult year; and the impact of this repeated trauma falls more heavily on members of the Black and brown community.

To be clear: The Pavlovian Society stands against racism and discrimination of all forms. We do not condone the recent acts of violence against the African American community, and we welcome input regarding how we can support colleagues and students of color to better advocate for their justice moving forward.

We encourage our members to actively speak out against racism, support our colleagues,
students, and community who are dealing with this trauma, and engage with anti-racism and inclusive resources shared in the links below.

Anti-Racism Resources: ​

Guidelines towards inclusive practices in academia (from eLife): ​

Take Action Resources from 500 Women Scientists:

List of black-led organizations to support (from SURJ):


Natalie C. Tronson, University of Michigan (President-elect)
Susan Sangha, Purdue University (Executive committee member)
Sydney Trask, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Executive committee member)
Michael Drew, University of Texas at Austin (Executive committee member)
Melissa Sharpe, UCLA (Executive committee member)
W. Jeffrey Wilson, Albion College (Secretary/Treasurer)Abha Karki Rajbhandari, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Member)
Matt Lattal, Oregon Health & Science University (Past President)
Stephen Maren, Texas A&M University (Past President)
John Freeman, University of Iowa (Past President)
Louis Matzel, Rutgers University (Past President)
Ralph Miller, SUNY-Binghamton (Past President)
Peter Balsam, Barnard College and Columbia University (Past President)
Mark E. Stanton, University of Delaware (Past President)
Michael S Fanselow, UCLA (Past President)
Joseph Steinmetz, University of Arkansas (Past President)
Fred Helmstetter, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Past President)
Tracey Shors, Rutgers University (Past President)
Andrew Delamater, Brooklyn College – CUNY (Past President)