To be eligible for election to Phi Beta Kappa at Albion college, you must be a senior in the top 10 percent of the graduating class. In addition, you must have taken:

  • three-fourths of your courses in liberal studies, as opposed to courses that primarily emphasize vocational training.
  • at least 15 units in departments other than the department of your principal major. Work taken in off-campus programs that is consistent with the type of work offered in an on-campus department will be treated as work in that department.
  • either 15 units while holding third-or fourth-year status, or a minimum of 22 1/2 units, for credit at Albion College. In either case, the units taken at Albion College may include one or two semesters of study in faculty-approved off-campus programs.
  • a minimum of 75 percent of your liberal arts courses at Albion College, including those taken in faculty-approved off-campus programs, for a grade.

The fulfillment of these minimum requirements does not guarantee election to Phi Beta Kappa.