Do I have to participate in the Philadelphia Internship program?

While it is not required, it is heavily preferred that students being this experience with an internship at The Philadelphia Center. These internships are designed to strengthen your personal and professional development while living independently in Philadelphia. While concentrating on key knowledge and skill areas, students will explore career paths through real-world experience working with diverse populations. Students who choose not to participate in the off-campus experience in Philadelphia will begin their coursework at Albion during the summer.

Why are there different preferred application dates?

The Philadelphia Center has several preferred internship placements that require application submission in the early spring. There is a limited number of preferred internship spots, so the first application date allows Albion postbac students to apply for their internship right after applying for the postbac program.

All internships at TPC are valuable, so students who decide later in the year to participate in this postbac program will still obtain a life-changing internship in Philadelphia. The second application date applies to students who miss the preferred deadline, but would like to complete an internship.

What about Covid-19?

At Albion College, we are committed to a safe and healthy fall semester for our students, faculty, staff and community members. Our COVID-19 response focuses on three main areas: education, environmental adaptation, and population health monitoring and risk reduction.

The Philadelphia Center is closely monitoring the virus and adjusting their programs accordingly. Should it be unsafe for students to study in Philadelphia, a virtual internship program will be provided. Rest assured, this program will continue the high standard of internship quality and professional development delivered over a virtual format.

What will life be like for me as a postbac student at Albion College?

Through intensive, focused coursework students will enhance their academic credentials to become more qualified applicants to medical and health-related programs. As a student at Albion College, you can expect to be fully immersed in campus life and will have access to all campus amenities.

Will I be able to work while participating in the postbac program?

Your courses will take place during the day and you may have class every day Monday – Friday. Students may consider on campus jobs or local clinical positions, but we encourage you to prioritize your focus on your academic coursework.

I decided last minute to change my health professions interest (for example from PA to MD), will I be a good candidate for this program?

This postbac program is focused on applicants who have already completed specific prerequisite courses during their undergraduate education, but could benefit from the successful completion of additional courses to increase their academic performance before applying to medical and health-related programs. In addition to the course requirements listed on the Application & Requirements page, you may be required to complete additional prerequisites if you plan to switch your health professions interest. Luckily, our health professions advisors are happy to work through this with you! Contact us at wilsoninstitute@albion.edu for questions regarding completed coursework and interest changes.