Public Health at Albion College

The Public Health Concentration at Albion College will give you the education, experiences, and connections you need to position you as a leader in the multi-faceted world of Public Health. Join our interdisciplinary program to get the hands-on education you’ve been looking for

Dr. Brad Rabquer

“Our world has changed, and our program has adapted to provide students with a multitude of opportunities to become leaders in public health.”

Dr. Brad Rabquer

Dr. Meghan Webb

“The best public health interventions are culturally relevant and informed by evidence-based medicine. Our program prepares students to shape the future of public health.”

Dr. Meghan Webb

Alumnus Jamal Yearwood

“A good Public Health system will have few who notice it from the outside. But for those on the inside, there’s much to marvel at.”

Jamal Yearwood

Alumnus Nicholas Diamond

“As a population, we are trying to survive an intersection of epidemics in the US: HIV, white supremacy, guns, opioids, coronavirus. Improving the health of the public has never been more important than now, which means training the next generation of public health practitioners at Albion College’s Wilson Institute for Medicine has never been more important than now.”

Nicholas Diamond