COVID-19 is a virus that is new to humans. Our understanding of the disease is constantly updating. For the most up-to-date information, please go to the CDC webpage and/or the Michigan department of health.
Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted global connections even between seemingly disparate populations. No community is immune from COVID-19 and it will take collaboration of all communities to slow the transmission of the virus. Public health persepectives help us understand and act upon best practices during the pandemic.
Public health not only teaches us about the science of COVID-19, it also helps us understand  why certain populations are more vulnerable to infection and serious illness. For example, the Coronavirus impacts Black and Native American and Latinx communities at higher rates than their White counterparts. COVID-19 has highlighted the reality that health and illness are not only the result of biological entities, like viruses. Systemic factors, like racism, also determine health status. Public health can help us address these disparities and ensure a more equitable distribution of health.
Science and public health policy will play an important role in bringing the COVID-19 pandemic to an end. Each day new discoveries are made about the virus, the way the virus interacts with the human body, and new vaccines or drugs to fight the virus.  These discoveries have far-reaching implications not just in the search for a vaccine or treatment, but also public health policies relating to prevention and transmission.  Perhaps never before has the importance of public health, and the need for training in public health, been so clear. The Public Health Sciences area of emphasis in the Public Health Concentration at Albion College allows students to explore the intersection of the scientific foundations of disease with public health practices.  While the Global and Community Health area of emphasis of the Public Health Concentration at Albion allows students to explore the ways in which social, economic, and political issues impact human health.

How do you want to fight COVID-19?