Public Health Concentration


Choose one of two tracks in the Public Health Concentration at Albion College:

1. Global and Community Health or 2. Public Health Sciences

Paired with whatever major you choose, the concentration in Public Health at Albion College will provide you with the dynamic education and hands-on experiences you need to be successful in impacting the health of others.

Requirements for Public Health Concentration


  • Introduction to Public Health Studies (1 Unit)
  • An approved Statistics course (1 Unit)
  • Public Health Colloquium (0.25 Unit) 
  • A capstone experience (internship, etc.) as approved by the Wilson Institute for Medicine

The Approved Statistics Courses Include:

  • An Introduction to Statistics (MATH209)
  • Research Methods and Statistics I (PSYC204)
  • Mathematical Statistics (MATH309)
  • Quantitative Social Research (SOC324)

The Approved Courses Include:

Four units, drawn from an approved list of courses, with at least one course from each area of emphasis. No more than two courses may count toward a student’s major.  Additional courses may count toward the concentration pending approval of the Wilson Institute for Medicine.

Global and Community Health Emphasis 

  • Global Health (ANTH279)
  • Medical Anthropology (ANTH368)
  • Risk Communication (COMM211)
  • Health Disparities (COMM310)
  • Heath Communication (COMM210)
  • Health Economics (E&M375)
  • Philosophy and History of Science (PHIL220)
  • Biomedical Ethics (PHIL308)
  • Health Psychology (PSYC230)
  • Drugs, Brain, and Behavior (PSYC247)
  • Death and Dying (RS261)
  • Social Stratification (SOC370)


Public Health Sciences Emphasis 

  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (BIOL260)
  • Microbiology (BIOL332)
  • Virology (BIOL367)
  • Pathophysiology (BIOL371)
  • Immunology (BIOL372)
  • Biochemistry (BIOL337/CHEM337)
  • Medicinal Chemistry (CHEM352)
  • Medical Terminology (KIN200)
  • Nutrition (KIN210)
  • Physical Activity Epidemiology (KIN285)