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The Pink and Green

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Pink and green were the original colors of Albion College. They were never officially named the school colors but had been informally adopted in the early days of the college. Their use had continued as one of the college’s many traditions. In 1895, there was also a publication printed by the name of The Pink and Green.

Many of Albion’s students, athletes in particular, believed that these colors, combined with the nickname given us by other schools “The Methodists,” did not provide enough of a ferocious face to our opponents at sports competitions. In January 1916, star athlete Joseph Baldwin issued a scathing denunciation of the colors as “wishy-washy and not at all tasteful” and “weak and insipid.”

On May 9, 1919, after many suggestions, the students voted overwhelmingly for purple and gold as the official colors. In April of 1933, the college also attempted to address the issue of an official name for Albion’s athletic teams. A competition was publicized in The Pleiad with an article entitled “Let’s Find a Name for the Athletic Teams!!”

The teams of Albion College are to have a name! A plan arranged by Noble Stephens, and approved by Dr. Seaton is to be carried out in the coming issues of the Pleiad.

The plan is this: Names for the college teams will be accepted at the Pleaid office up to Wednesday, April 26. At this time, a ballot will either be printed in the Pleiad of given out in chapel. The popular vote of the student body will determine the name.

So far the following titles have been handed to members of the staff: Trojans, Yellow-Jackets, and Alps.

Dr. Seaton offered a suggestion in the name BRITONS. As Albion is synonymous with England, the title carries a clever connotation.

It is the hope of the Pleiad staff, that the entire student body will take an interest, and will co-operate in finding a suitable nickname for the teams. Students are being given practically a month to carry out the research. The faculty, especially, is extended a special invitation to contribute.

The Pleiad will publish a complete list of the names submitted with every issue.

As it turned out, the 1933 student body showed very little interest in selecting and voting for a name, and because of this, it was President John L. Seaton’s suggestion that became reality.

An excerpt from the May 19, 1933 issue of The Pleiad, from the article “Just Call Us ‘Britons’!!” details this:

Hereafter the varsity athletic squads will be known as the Albion College “Britons.” Pres. John L. Seaton authorized the Pleiad staff to select a suitable name for the teams, because of the lack of interest shown by the student body. “Britons” was the suggestion of Dr. Seaton. The staff was unanimously in favor of his choice.

As the purpose of this blog is to feature documents, images, artifacts, and interesting stories related to the history and community of Albion College, The Pink and Green seemed a fitting title.