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Your College Town

As hard as it is to believe, you’ll be moving to Albion THIS MONTH! We hope we’ve prepared you for what to expect as far as classes and campus life goes, but what about...

Financial Checklist 0

Your Financial Checklist

With only 46 days until move-in, college is right around the corner! That also means Albion’s accounting office will be issuing bills to first year students next week. So, this week’s blog post includes...



Welcome to Albion Class of 2022’s “Countdown to College!” Before we tell you anything more about how to get ready for college, we’d first like to congratulate you on your graduation from high school....

Town & Gown 15.10: Minute with Mauri 0

Town & Gown 15.10: Minute with Mauri

For the final Minute with Mauri of the semester, we get to catch up with President Ditzler about his New Year’s resolution to have more fun. We also hear a little bit more about...


Town & Gown 15.9: Minute with Mauri

Liberal arts: what is it? On this week’s Minute with Mauri, President Ditzler discusses what a liberal arts education truly means, and how it benefits our students and society as a whole.


Town & Gown 15.8: Minute with Mauri

We have heard a lot about the happenings of Albion College on the last few episodes of Minute with Mauri. This week, however, we hear a little more about what makes President Ditzler excited...


Town & Gown 16: Brits on Break

From traveling cross-country with your sports team, to international service trips, and making the most out of staying at home, our Brits truly have amazing spring breaks. Listen in as four different Albion students...


From Norway to Albion College

After graduating high school in 2015, I packed my bags and moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Stavanger, Norway to accept a year-long internship with the YWCA-YMCA Guides and Scouts of Norway (like Boy Scouts...


Town & Gown 15.4: Minute with Mauri

Episode 18 focuses on the full matriculation of the first class since President Ditzler started at Albion College four years ago, and how he feels about this special group of students graduating in May.


Why Choose Albion?

The Possibilities When I started looking at colleges, I thought I had to be practical and margin what I wanted to do. I sat through a couple of meetings at other schools where they...