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Student Concern Updates:

This past year, we’ve heard many concerns about counseling services. We consolidated concerns and had a conversation with Frank Kelleman, the Director of Counseling Services. Here are some responses from the meeting: Counseling Services Responses. Reach out to us or directly to counseling services for more info!

This semester, we’ve heard many concerns about COVID-19 protocols and responses. We brought student concerns from our surveys to Cheryl Krause, Director of Student Health Services. Here are some responses from the meeting: COVID Response Meeting. Feel free to reach out to us or directly to for more info!

We also heard many concerns about senior priority with registration this year. Here is an email communication with Senate, the Provost, and the Registrar addressing the concerns.



Confused about where to go for specific questions? Below is a flowchart of Albion College’s structure to understand the chain of command in working through issues or ideas. Click on the title in the document below for specific contact info. Student Senate is always here to help you navigate!

AC Organizational Structure

(Document updated August 2020)



Student Senate is here to support you! Reach out to our executive leadership team at or message us through social media:

Instagram: @acstudentsenate

Facebook: @acstudentsenate


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