Beyond the e-textbook

In their recent conference presentation at the Campus Technology Forum (Long Beach, CA), Lisa Lewis, Aaron Miller, and Ian MacInnes argued that current models for mobile learning and e-books are not well suited to the liberal arts classroom. They previewed work they’ve done that tries to fix some of the problems they see in emerging mobile applications. Here’s their presentation in Prezi:

About Ian MacInnes

Ian MacInnes is Professor of English at Albion College, where he teaches courses in Elizabethan poetry, Milton, and early modern women writers. He has published essays on human and animal bodies in Shakespeare, including an article in EMLS on "Mastiffs and Spaniels: Gender and Nation in the English Dog." He is presently working on a larger project: _Albion's Breed: Zoology and the Birth of the Environment in the English Imagination, 1550-1650._
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