Send your science!

The Trump administration has taken steps to stop the dissemination of scientific information. EPA and USDA scientists were barred from sharing their science with the public; there is no telling who will be next.

Email your scientific findings, papers, preprints, to me at¬†with “Uncensored” in the subject line and I will post the information here. I will credit you or post anonymously, as you desire – make your choice clear in the subject line:

Once posted, your email will be deleted. I will do my best to protect your identity, but I am not an expert in computer security and cannot guarantee this with certainty.

Please suggest a TOPIC in the first line of the body of the email (e.g., Environment, Reproduction, Energy) then provide your name if you want credit, then the information to be posted. Your email should take this form:

Subject:  Uncensored ANONYMOUS/CREDITED: title of post

Topic: Environment
Name: Actual/None

Each submission will be given its own page; pages should be searchable by the Topics that are provided.

Information is essential to a free society. Let’s not give in to censorship.