Thoughts on Success

Here are some photos from the recent Pavlovian Society meeting:

The meeting hotel - across the river from Manhattan.

Past (and current) Presidents of the Society.

The women behind Women in Learning - check their web page at

Joe LeDoux - recipient of the 2012 Gantt Medal (the Society's highest honor).

Attendees enjoying the beautiful view.

Melissa Baguzis and Holly Paxton discuss our poster at the meeting.

Science in action.

Grad students in action.

More serious attendees enjoying the meeting.

Waiting in line for the all-important coffee.

Science in action.

What do all of these people have in common?  They are successful.  And they are successful because they worked hard to succeed and cared about something.  This could be you, too.  Do not give up.  Work toward your goals and do what it takes to rise to the top.

I used these photos as a lead-in to a discussion with my class about the importance of attending meetings, but more importantly the importance of striving for quality in all that you do.  Everyone in the photos above has succeeded – some by being recognized as the best in their field, others by organizing a national society, by making it to grad school, or simply by conducting research worthy of presentation at a national meeting.  If you are a student please realize that you can do well, but it will be your doing.  The community of scientists (and the world in general) owes you nothing, but will gladly recognize the hard work and effort that lead to success.  Go for it – find something that you love to do and become good at it.  It is not necessarily easy, but it is worth it.

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