Sheep Brains – 2013

Students in PSY 348 (Research in Behavioral Neuroscience) had the opportunity today to dissect sheep brains – enhancing their understanding of neuroanatomy.  This is one of my favorite labs.  Typically the students begin the lab unsure of how to approach it, and by the end they feel much more confident.

These photos are cross-view 3D images – to see the 3D effect cross your eyes and create a fused central image.  This image will appear to be in 3D, much like your favorite ViewMaster images from your childhood.

The original Lytro images that were used for thed 3D pictures, as well as a few other pictures from the lab, appear here (click on icon in lower right corner and select “SEE ON LYTRO.COM” to see all the images):

For info about how these 3D images were created, see this earlier blog post.

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