Perseids 2020

The Perseid meteor shower happens every year around August 12. I hoped to get some nice meteor shots, but sadly I managed only one.

Copyrighted image – permission required for any re-use.


I also created a gif of the images that were captured in trying to shoot meteors – 145 20-sec exposures, with 1 sec in between. Looking south in Marengo Township, MI, from about 11:20 PM – 12:10 AM August 12-13, 2020. Here’s a low-res version.

Night Moves 2. About 51 minutes looking south from ~23:20 8/12 – 00:11 8/13. In addition to the various aircraft and the one bright meteor over the barn, if you look closely you might see two very faint meteors (or maybe they're satellites?) near the center of the frame.

Posted by Jeff Wilson on Friday, August 14, 2020


(Download a high-res gif here.  Might take a while to download.)  

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