Psych 101

Introduction to Psychology (Psych 101) examines many aspects of the science of psychology, the study of behavior.  Psychologists are concerned with issues ranging from the activity of individual brain cells through the actions of individual organisms to the interactions of people in groups. We will look into all of these areas, and more. The course also covers the methods used by psychologists in conducting research on behavior, and the specific experiments that have enhanced our understanding of behavior. By the end of the semester, you will have a basic understanding of many of the topics of interest to psychologists, and might then decide to take more advanced courses in specific areas of interest.


PSY 101, Spring 2019

Syllabus – Spring 2019


Effective Study Habits:

Freshman 14: You are spending about 14 fewer hours in  the classroom in college compared to high school.  We assume that these are hours that you will spend learning.  You must work with your course material outside of class at least 14 hours per week.

From your professor:

  1. Read the text before it is discussed in class, and again afterwards.
  2. Pay attention in class.  Take only cursory notes, and fill them in from memory later in the day.
  3. Test yourself constantly: review your notes by setting them aside and rewriting them in your own words from memory.
  4. Ask questions if you do not understand something.
  5. College is a full-time job: 40 hrs/week of classes, homework, studying.
  6. Put away the phones during class.


Spurious Correlations

Methodology video (select a link from right-hand side  – sound wavers terribly)

History of Psych slides

Intro, Methods, & History Review Questions (Likely to be modified as we go.)

Oliver Sacks (NYT)​_


Brain View     Brain View (labelled)

New Frontiers of the Brain

Neuroscience Love Song

Amygdala lesions and fear – video from the lab of Jeansok Kim.

I’d Rather Have Bottle in Front of Me than a Frontal Lobotomy.

   –   Randy Hanzlick, M.D.

Review Questions: Brain & Behavior

Discovering Psychology: Sensation & Perception

Sacks’ “Island of the Color Blind”

Info about Oliver Sacks

Gestalt Laws    Phi Phenomenon  Color Stuff

Held & Hein 1963




     Card Trick

     BBC Door

Sensation & Perception Review Questions 

List of Items We Discussed (Nervous System & Sensation)

Dennett on Consciousness

Consciousness Review Questions (Ignore questions 2, 3, & 4 – Spring 2013


Pudovkin film excerpts on Youtube

Pudovkin Poster

Little Albert (in Watson’s own words)

Thorndike video 12

Learning & Memory Review Questions

Plus: What is the procedure of learned helplessness? Who first studied it, and what mental disorder did he think it modeled? What problem did Wilson discover about the procedure that was commonly used to produce helplessness in rats?

Elizabeth Loftus – False Memories

HM “cartoon” TED

Clive Wearing

Peter Doolittle TED talk – Working Memory


Intelligence (Annenberg)


David Reimer (“John/Joan”)7

Boy with no Penis

Bandura Experiment (and a student re-enactment)

Why are IQ scores Higher? (James Flynn)

Marshmallow Test

Freud Video – watch by Monday April 9.

Personality, Intelligence Review Questions  Spring 2018

Terms & Concepts for Intelligence & Personality

OCD – Howie Mandel

Dissociative Fugue State

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Glover on Letterman (1) (2)

Milgram – Obedience 

When Will People Help?

London Street

Child Abduction

Elevator Conformity

Psychopathology and Social Psychology Review Questions

–  Attitude Change (Cognitive Dissonance)

Terms and Concepts for Social and Abnormal Psychology


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