Psych 348 – Research in Behavioral Neuroscience

PSY 348 offers students the opportunity to study the neural bases of behavior in a more intensive manner than they encounterd in PSY 241 (Neuroscience 1).  We study the anatomy of the brain by dissecting sheep brains, we examine electrophysiology using human EEG and invertebrate action potentials, and we design and conduct experiments on the neural substrates of behavior.


Syllabus for Fall 2018

   Revision to Syllabus

Understanding my comments on your paper

Article Summary Sheet

Abstract Instructions!



Resting Potential

Action Potential

Propagation of Action Potential

Saltatory Propagation


Harrington et al. (2015)

Pfaus & Pinel (1989)

Gould et al. (Shors lab)  paper for class discussion

Brain folding

Ramirez  (videos: Boyden explains ; Ramirez & Liu TED; R&L TED siteOptogenetics explained)

Anderson et al. article for Class Discussion


Iliff: Sleep TED Talk


Receptive Field Demo

Sharma et al. (2000)

von Melcher et al, (2000)


TED Intro to Trolley Problem

Insane Trolley Problems

REAL (staged) Trolley Problem!

Trolley Problem Audio (Dave Edmonds)

Trolley Problem Video (Sandel)

Joshue Greene – fMRI and Morality

Greene paper

=  vSauce summary

Koenigs et al. – Morality in the Brain


Oto-Acoustic Emissions (Dr. Ted)

Berger: Neuroprosthesis

Deadwyler et al. (2013)

Brain-Mapping Debate

Controlling C. Elegans via optogenetics or here for more explanation.

Earthworm Movement

Earthworm Olfaction (Zirbes et al.)

LeDoux on Emotion [2014] [On Anxious – 2015]

Septum, Relief, Helplessness

Libet presentation

Libet video


IACUC Proposal Form

Earthworm Research Proposal – 2016

Charlie Drewes’ Wonderful Resources

LeDoux on Fear (James Award Lecture)

Sheep Brain Dissection Guide

Scranton Sheep Brain Guide

Hiram College Project LambchopLAB Project Guide

Worm poster

Mill (1982) Earthworm Neurobiology

Earthworm Spike Conduction Velocity – Backyard Brains

Cockroach Personality

Cockroach Training

Material below this point is old; it remains here because some might find it useful.

Term Paper Guidelines  – Manuscript format (as your paper should look)

Term paper Guidelines – Journal format (as if the paper was published)

Nordholm et al. (1993)

Shors (2009) – Scientific American

Quiroga et al. (2005)

Maybe Useful Videos:

Ant Colonies (TED)

Ants: Brain, Internet, Cancer (TED)

Counting Ants

Dung Beetle (TED)  [Milky Way] [pdf]

Fireflies (TED)

Invertebrates for Robotics (TED)

Emotions (Mental Illness) in Fruit Flies (TED)

Kinky Insect Sex (TED)

Candace Pert (Documentary Trailer)pert

– [Science article about Lasker Award]

– [Garfield citation analysis]

 Autism – Wendy Chung

        Worm Research

Videos for 9/16/18


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