Research Opportunities

"Master of the Worms"

“Master of the Worms”


My lab examines behavior and learning in earthworms.  We anticipate that knowledge of the worm’s simpler nervous system will inform our understanding of the more complex vertebrate nervous system.

Most important characteristics of the student who wants to join my research team:

  • Interested in behavior
  • Curious
  • Responsible
  • Plays nicely with others

What you should do:

  • Take Neuroscience I
  • Take Learning
  • Talk with me and/or my students

Current lab team:

  • Jeff Wilson
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Kate Sears
  • Samantha Ely
  • Angela Panzica

Alums of the lab:

  • Holly Paxton
  • Melissa Baguzis
  • Megan Wickens – Ph.D. student at Temple University.
  • Emily Morlock
  • Nicole Ferrara – PhD student at U. Wiconsin – Milwaukee
  • Amanda Blaker – PhD student at U. Toledo
  • Charisa Giddings – MSW student at U. Michigan
  • Cindy (Cardwell) Fast – PhD (UCLA), post-doc at Rutgers U.
  • Amy Salmeto – PhD (U. Mississippi), Asst. Prof, Graceland U.
  • Amber Chenoweth – PhD from Kent State University, Asst. Prof, Hiram College
  • Megan (Anderson) Brooks – PhD student at Rutgers U
  • Christina Busuito – MD from Wayne State
  • David Goodyear – MD from Wayne State
  • Julia (Ogg) Scherbaty – PhD from Michigan State ; Asst. Prof at U. South Florida
  • Courtney Hancock
  • Wynne (Dawley) Tezak
  • Heather Linz


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