Lytro Photos

The 3D photos on this page were created with the Lytro camera. (See below for info about how they were created.)  For the 3D effect, view each pair of images with crossed eyes (view the left image with the right eye, and vice versa.  A 3D image will appear in the center when the images are properly fused.  It gets easier with practice.

Cross-View 3D images created from light-field photos taken by other people appear below and here.

Original light-field photos used for these images, plus all of my publicly viewable Lytro photos, are available on my Lytro page.

How did I do this?  Pretty low-tech, actually:

  1. Select a photo that lends itself to good perspective shift.  The Lytro software will assess this for you.
  2. Process the photo for perspective shift.  This takes about 30 sec or so for each image.
  3. View the photo using perspective shift; that is, click and drag on it to change the perspective.  Move the cursor to one side (left or right) and use a screen-grab program (in Windows, CTRL-PrintScreen) to capture the image.
  4. Paste this into an image manipulating program (I use the GIMP), and select just the photo, saving it as a separate image.
  5. Repeat Step 3, but move the cursor to the opposite side of the picture change to the other perspective before capturing the image.
  6. Repeat Step 4 to capture the photo and save it as an image showing the other perspective.
  7. Paste the two saved images side-by-side in the same image, and view it to ensure that you have the images in the correct position (you will know if you don’t — far objects will appear as if they are nearer than close objects if you have it wrong).  When you are sure that the locations are correct, save the image.

It’s that simple, and as you can see the effects can be dramatic.


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