WordPress Tutorials

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There are five different roles that a user can have in WordPress: Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.

  • Subscriber can only view content on the WordPress site, and can also opt to receive notifications when something new is added to the site. This feature is great for blogs and other websites that frequently update content.
  • Contributor can read, edit and delete unpublished posts.
  • An Author can read, edit, and delete unpublished and published posts, as well as create posts and publish them.
  • An Editor can edit and change all content that the Administrator has given them access to. Editors can add pages, change content, delete pages, and change their status from published to unpublished.
  • Administrators can access all content and management of the WordPress site. Administrators have no limitations to what they can access – they can write, edit and publish content, as well as update the site title, byline, URL, users, and even the theme.

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